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My friends at New American Funding have proven to be THE most gracious hosts!  Just so you know, they don't let us use their facilities for compensation, they do so to earn your business and because Steve Schauer has been my lender and friend since the 1990s.  My existing loan is with New American Funding.

All of my loans have gone through Steve after all these years.  He is truly exceptional. He has also done my son's loan and refinance, he has done my step-daughter's loan and my step-son's loan.  He also teaches a course for us every other month and charges us nothing. I think it is safe to say, "He just wants to be there when you need him."  He is somebody special.  You can contact Steve on his cell at 702-249-9000.

Kami Bennett is the personal assistant to the Schauer team and the Communications Coordinator for New American Funding. I can honestly say, "I have never met a more professional person in my 40-year career."  Truly!  I keep threatening Steve to steal her, but I could never pay her for what she is worth. Kami coordinates everything, if you need her, her email address is  If it pertains to New American Funding, she will delightfully assist you.  If it pertains to Fitzpatrick Real Estate School, please contact Joe.

Then there's Ivy.  You will meet her at the entrance.  She is a lovely person, full of warmth and graciousness. Ivy is the person to go to while class is going on for any last minute needs.  I don't know where New American Funding finds these great people, but they are outstanding and at the top of my list! If you get lost, call Ivy at 702-331-8372.

The address is 8906 Spanish Ridge Ave., #201.
For full directions, click the link below:

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