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A student who missed more than 10 minutes of a 3-hour course shall not receive Division credit but may be allowed to attend the course for the purpose of general knowledge at the instructor’s discretion.  A student who experiences temporary loss of connection not to exceed 15 concurrent minutes shall still receive credit at the discretion of the instructor.  Beyond 15 minutes shall not be accepted as cause for missing class minutes.  Other technical difficulties such as a camera or microphone not working shall not be accepted as cause for missing class minutes as it is the student's responsibility to assure these matters are working beforehand.


In accordance with the provisions of NAC 645.4438, the following Division requirements must be followed by the student participants and enforced by Fitzpatrick Real Estate School. In order for a student to receive credit for attending a live-streaming offering, the student participant must:


  • direct their attention to the instruction being provided and refrain from engaging in activities unrelated to the instruction, which are distracting to other students or the instructor, or otherwise disrupt the orderly conduct of a class.

  • must always have their cameras on and pointed to the student while the class is in session, excluding breaks.

  • must not display a nickname or any other name and must include the name under which they registered.

  • must always have audio muted except when speaking to the group.

  • participate and respond when asked to by the instructor.

  • conduct themselves as they would in an in-person classroom setting.

  • be appropriately dressed for a classroom setting.

  • refrain from engaging in any activity that would be distracting to the instructor or fellow attendees such as using electronic/computer devices unrelated to the instruction, cell phone use, having conversations with other people in the vicinity, driving/riding in a vehicle, cooking, cleaning, etc.

  • complete the course evaluation immediately upon the conclusion of the course.


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