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We have received all excellent evaluations!


“Was very interesting to listen to... Enjoyed the instructor’s sense of humor.”     - Sandra


“Thank you for providing this option.”     - Nicholette


“Mr. Fitzpatrick is a great instructor. his depth of knowledge on Agency is deep and fantastic. It was a great class and I loved how he got us to think so much.  The scenarios were real, and appropriate. it was very helpful, and I feel I learned a lot from this class. Thank you!”     - Gio


“Fantastic reminders to keep us out of trouble.”     - Laura


“Very enjoyable. Learned a lot.”     - Virgina


“Fun and engaging presentation.  I picked up a few important things I have been missing or doing incorrectly - thanks! I appreciate the convenience of the recorded classes and enjoy your delivery.”     - Lovina


“Enjoyed the different style of the class being competitive and a somewhat "forced" interaction. You learn better when there's interaction and laughs. Thank you.”     - Lizette


“I learned a lot and made me think about my service..."Agency." Thank you!”     - Richiko


“Instructor was very knowledgeable, stayed on topic, very detailed with the information provided. Very easy to listen to, has a wealth of knowledge. Time well spent. Information is articulated well with no time wasted.  Best instructor I have had in a while.”     - Deanna


“Joe is very knowledgeable and very easy to understand.”     - Sabrina


“Great job Joe. I really liked this format!”     - Mary


“Love the video wish I had a class like this when I first started years ago nice to have someone go over the highlights of the contracts, listing agreement etc.”     - Mary B


“Loved the video walkthrough of the RPA and Listing Contract.”     - Alma


“Good course. It makes me feel good about continuing education.  Joe is great. I'll certainly continue to use his school for CE in the future.”     - James


“I was engaged the whole time. Much better than reading on my own like (school name removed.)”     - Josephine


“Probably one of the most thorough Broker Management classes I’ve taken.”    - Mark Sivek, LVR Board of Directors


“Joe was very informative and explained every topic clearly and provided thorough details.”     - Tessa

"This is the first internet CE course I've done. I was afraid it would be boring, but it wasn't, it was great!"     - Missy


We’ll stop there! But they keep coming in positive! Our unique method of delivery is preferred to live in the classroom and Zoom!

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