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not to wait 'til the last month to renew you probably never thought of!

1.  The Division may not have your late-month courses entered.
Every time you take a course, the school provides the Division with a "Roster Upload." If you wait until the last week of the month to take a course, the school has 3 days to upload the roster to the Division, and then the Division must enter the data.  You might experience a course or two not registered with the Division when you go to renew.

2.  The school might have to cancel the course.
No school is going to run a course with two or three registrants.  The instructor might become unavailable. The power or internet may go out. If the school cancels your course you are relying upon, you won't have an opportunity to make it up.  

3.  "Stuff" happens!
You might get sick.  Your internet connection may fail.  You might fail an exam.  That special buyer is in town.  Schools are closed on the weekends and holidays.  You might fail the test, you might not meet a deadline.  You do not wait to the last 730 days of you renewal!  We've seen lots of reasons why licensees cancel at the last minute.  Again, if you wait, there may be no opportunity to reschedule. 

4.  It consumes the whole month.
If you have ever waited 'til the last month, you can testify that getting all your education done in one month consumes your entire month.  Whether you need 30 hours of post, or 36 hours of CE, you might not get anything else done that month!

5.  You risk an inactive license.
If you don't get it all done on time, your license will expire.  With an inactivate license, you can't even "talk" real estate with prospects and clients.  You may be out of a living for a while you get caught up on courses you had plenty of time to get finished. You will also pay a late fee.

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