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Post-licensing: First-time Renewal

If you are renewing for the first time, you have 1-year experience, you need "post" licensing, not C.E.

Post courses are numbered as:  POST.XXXXXXX-RE

We are not offering post-licensing education at the present time.

Salespersons:  First-time renewal

Broker-salespersons:  First-time renewal

Brokers:  First Renewal

Continuing Education: Subsequent Renewals

If you are renewing for a second or more time, you need C.E.

C.E. courses are numbered as:  CE.XXXXXXX-RE

We proudly offer CE by both Zoom and Internet Delivery.

Salespersons:  Subsequent Renewals

Broker-salesperson:  Subsequent Renewals
Broker:  Subsequent Renewals
Property Manager:  All Renewals
Business Broker: All Renewals
65 and Older:  Modified Renewal Requirement

If you register for the wrong type of course and take the course, either by Zoom or by Internet, we will not issue a refund.  If you catch it

beforehand, we will gladly give you a refund.

​NOTE:  Licensees are required to track their own requirements and may not submit the same course in the same renewal.  With Fitzpatrick Real Estate School, any class offered by Zoom is considered a live, in the classroom course.  ​We now offer internet courses you can take whenever you want and at your own pace. You may not submit more than 18 hours of internet courses in the same renewal. Also note you may not submit two certificates with the same course title even though they have different course approval numbers. As an example, "Who's the Boss?" is approved for both classroom/Zoom and Internet. You cannot submit certificates for both.

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