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ZOOM LINKS:  We do not send emails with Zoom links as too many email services were blocking our emails and licensees were missing the courses. Instead, we post the links on our home page the day before the course begins. You will easily find them near the top right corner of the homepage.  Although we post our links for all to see, no certificates will be awarded to those who are not first registered.

MISSED A ZOOM CLASS?  We do not allow students to "make up" classes at a later date if they do not attend without prior notice, are late, or leave early for Zoom classes.  We do this because we decide whether to hold a Zoom class with a paid Instructor based on the number of people.  Please read all terms and conditions before registering.

NON-ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATE:   If the instructor determines a licensee's conduct during a Zoom course warrants dismissal from a Zoom meeting, it shall be at the instructor's sole discretion to do so.  Examples of such include arriving late, leaving early, engaging in distracting activities, making phone calls or text messages, talking to others present an the licensee's location, making inappropriate remarks, driving or being a passenger, working on the computer, doing paperwork, etc., or anything the instructor deems inappropriate.  Should the licensee wish to appeal the instructor's decision, the licensee may appeal by email to owner Joe Fitzpatrick at

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