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How It Works

  • upon registration, you can proceed to the course list found on the "CE by Internet" tab and click on your desired course

  • download the course outline

  • view all 3 hours of the video presentation

  • direct attention to the instruction being provided and refrain from engaging in activities unrelated to the instruction and distracting.

  • complete the “Online Video Worksheet” included in the course outline as you view the presentation.

  • complete the course evaluation immediately upon the conclusion of the course.

  • take the end of course quiz also found in the course outline. 

  • submit the (1) Online View Worksheet, (2) the Course Evaluation, and (3) Quiz with the links provided on the same page on which the videos are located. If you do not submit all three documents, we will not process your course nor email you. It is your responsibility to submit all three.

  • a score of 80% must be obtained on the Online Video Worksheet.  A student, who tries to skip through the course and not devote the required 3 hours, will not pass.  The "checkpoints" for the worksheet are sprinkled throughout the presentation. A score of 80% or better is also required on the quiz. We will email you if you fail the quiz, and you can retake it as many times as you need to. We will tell you your score, but cannot tell you which questions you missed.

  • upon meeting all of the above requirements, a certificate will be emailed to you promptly.

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