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ZOOM COURSES: Zoom courses are scheduled. You must attend at the designated date and time.  There will be other people in the Zoom meeting and it will be led by an instructor.  Everything is live in real time.  Although we do not meet at a physical location, Zoom courses are considered to be live/classroom courses by the Division.  At least 50% of your 36 hours must be completed in the live/classroom category.  If you are late, leave early, or miss the class altogether without prior notice, you will not receive CE credit nor will you receive a refund or credit for another class.

INTERNET COURSES:  Growing in popularity, Internet courses with us are pre-recorded video courses.  Internet courses are not approved for live/classroom training, but are approved for internet CE education. You may have up to 18 hours by this method of delivery.  Most schools just bore you with .PDF files to read.  Our 3-hour internet courses have three videos, approximately one hour per video.  You can watch these videos just like you would watch a movie.  You can watch them whenever you want.  They are accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  You can pause, rewind, and stop to continue another time.  While you watch our videos, you will complete our "Online Video Worksheet," where you will fill in the 10 "Checkpoints" as they pop up throughout the videos.  Send us the worksheet, your answers to a 10-question quiz, and a course evaluation, and we will email your certificate.


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